The Fair Attempts’ third full-length album, “Signals,” is their most personal release so far. These twelve new tracks tell a story about cycles, life, transformation, and love within death. The album is structured around the theme of the Sun and the Moon, symbolizing one’s perspectives of life outside themselves, and their internal emotional and spiritual life.

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Release date: November 15, 2021.
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The first song, “The Sun Undefeated,” sets the stage for the entire story, while also picking up where the story of their last album (and its companion novel) left off. Aside from this ethereal song, the songs in the Sun part are all energetic Industrial Rock, full of the attitude you have come to expect from The Fair Attempts. Meanwhile, the Moon part is much softer and includes Electric Blues, Synth-pop, Goth Rock, and the poignant and haunting instrumental melody called “The Moon Unending.”

The Fair Attempts music always has a universal meaning and message, but is rooted in a story of a future dystopia. Every song reveals more details about the story, and Starwing is writing a series of novels based on the World of The Fair Attempts, called “Machine Dreaming.” “Signals” album and the costume worn by frontman, Friendly Timo, are connected with the second book, “Technological Shaman” (releases in 2022).

Recently, Timo discussed the themes and inspirations for “Signals,” and that he wanted to delve deeper into the existential and spiritual aspects of the story. He said, “Perhaps in the end, we are just like mere signals in someone’s brain. Like the universe experiencing itself. And like love within death, it transcends beyond it, and beyond the boundaries of time itself.”

Tracks & Lyrics:

The Sun Undefeated
Wide-open Little Heart
Run Myself To Ground
All Directions, All The Way
Don’t Look Down
The Moon Unending
Noise of the Living
My Friend
Ashes of Your Making
We Disappear


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