Signals (single)

The Fair Attempts have released a third single from their upcoming album, and this time it’s the title track, “Signals.” The song features unusual sounds from a recorded cellphone call between the members of the group, which was taken over by a strange and eerie signal. In a similar fashion, the rhythm of the song is likely to take over your body with an intense urge to dance.

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Release date: July 26, 2021.
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The Fair Attempts have always been inspired by a dystopian vision of manipulative control over society, and the song “Signals” delves into social control systems. While authorities set their agenda for the people, it’s often the people themselves who enforce the behaviours necessary to fulfil those goals, despite being oblivious to the true purpose of the societal changes they participate in.

“People are like signal repeaters,” Friendly Timo said. “The incident with the strange phone call reminded and inspired me that we repeat and propagate ideas projected at us that are not our own, usually failing to recognize that those ideas are pre-processed bits of programming.”



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