Noise of the Living

As the release of their third full-length album approaches, The Fair Attempts reveal the softer, spiritual aspects of the album with a new single, “Noise of the Living.” This soulful song grapples with the concept of letting go.

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Release date: September 6, 2021.
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The theme of the song was inspired by the loss experienced at the end of the first novel based on the World of The Fair Attempts, called “Dreaming Your Dream” by Starwing. (The sequel book will be released next year but is connected with the new “Signals” album.) During the creation process, they experienced a profound loss in their own lives.

“I wrote this song last fall while I had really hard time emotionally. We had a loss in our family and I guess that jolted me to reconnect with my human condition,” Friendly Timo shared. “It became part of my grieving process. A way to rise above the noise of our everyday life and look it all from this above perspective and ultimately accept our transformation.”



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