Master Key

The fourth and final single for the Dream Engine album, Master Key, is a celebration of the creative process and ones inner drive to create.  Whether it is music, writing, making a film, painting, or another one of the many ways we express creativity, there is an almost god-like power that enables you to create an experience for other people.

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Release date: August 24, 2020.
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Friendly Timo spoke about his creative drive and what motivates him to create art, “Many times, I have an abstract idea of what I want to create, and it’s like going on a bit of a journey—an adventure.  Through developing that idea and creating something with it, you’re defining the art, but through that process, the art also defines you.”  His motivation has always been that journey of self-discovery and co-creation.

He elaborated about the meaning of Master Key‘s lyrics and all music by The Fair Attempts, “I don’t like to impose a message and dictate it to the listener, but rather invite them to have a more personal relationship with the songs.  Usually our songs can have at least two meanings to them; sometimes even more.  With each song and album, we build our imaginary world, but not in a way it would be exclusive to anything else.”

When he finished composing the music for Master Key, he wrote the chorus first and it inspired Starwing’s motivation to write a novel that takes place in the world of The Fair Attempts.  As she developed the story, the plot and themes of the novel inspired the fictional aspect of the lyrics in the verses—making this song more than a co-creation between the artist and the art, but also the art creating itself by co-creating an additional piece of art!

Dreaming Your Dream by Starwing is a dystopian science fiction novel that’s the companion to the upcoming Dream Engine album and it’s available now at Amazon.  It includes 50 Film Noir inspired illustrations by Melinda Maria Lack.  Many of the illustrations will be featured in lyric videos, starting with Master Key.


Lyric Video


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