Carnal Insect

The Carnal Insect album consists of nine new tracks, and The Fair Attempts’ music has noticeably matured.  The album is rich with energetic and catchy songs, but it also includes some moodier tracks that can make you stop and think deeply.  The music becomes more electronic, and the themes grow darker, song by song as the album progresses.

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Release Date:  September 27, 2019
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Friendly Timo spoke of the inspiration for this album, “Carnal Insect is teeming with emotions from my life experiences. As soon as I got arisTotal EP published in the beginning of this year, I had the misfortune having to bury one of my dear friends, and that started a series of events that reminded me of the condition of our social environment.”

The theme of the album is human society becoming something that resembles an insect colony more and more.  Carnal Insect is structured as a three acts story, with three songs in each act. Act I is about behaviours and attitudes that lead to our downfall, full of messages about narcissism, opportunism, and parasitic greed.

Act II delves deep into the self, and the emotions destroying it while pushing the individual closer to that insect state. Feelings of hopelessness, fear, and the realization that you’re becoming exactly what you fought against make up the themes of this Act.

The finale, Act III, represents “the point of no return,” where all ones efforts result in nothing but frustration and failure, and reveals the ultimate fate for each individual in the dystopian future imagined by the artist.


Black Widow (feat. Plike)
Carnal Insect
Another Heap
My Faith in You
Little Light
Race to the Red Lights
Bug Eater


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