Carnal Insect (single)

Carnal Insect is the first single from the second album by The Fair Attempts, and the title track for the album.  This is the most energetic and spirited song you’ve heard from The Fair Attempts so far!   The sound is a merger of industrial rock and EBM—blending electric guitars with retro-sounding synths, along with powerful vocals that convey both anger and disgust.

ISRC: QZES91977406
DK UPC: 193663703163

Release date: June 26, 2019.
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The theme of the song is opportunism without moral inhibition.  It paints a picture of a person who lives and breathes for their own carnal pleasure wherever it comes, with no second thoughts of the consequences of their actions or how it could impact their image among their peers.

Friendly Timo aimed to express a message through this song, that thoughtfulness, morality, and personal dignity are key values that define our humanity.  Degrading or neglecting these values entirely will cause us to slowly devolve into an insect-like society, with needs for quick-fixes, sugar-highs, made up justifications that fit today’s agenda, and room for another excuse for tomorrow.


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