Carnal Insect Remixes

It hadn’t even been three months from the release of the first full length studio album, “Carnal Insect,” and the amount of support The Fair Attempts received from the fans was so delightful that he felt it was time to give back.

Thus, the idea was formed to celebrate that nasty insect within us all by doing dance remixes of the fan favourite tracks from the album and—get this—hand it out free for everyone who had supported The Fair Attempts by purchasing their music on Bandcamp or merchandise from their store since the release of the “Carnal Insect” album!

DK UPC: 194937067295

Release Date:  December 13, 2019
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While doing three remixes himself, Friendly Timo collected quite an industrial powerhouse to do another three for the album—nothing short of well-established styles and talent, Melodywhore, Bare Island and Upon Eventual Collapse joined in to celebrate the Carnal Insect with their visions for the songs. Everything combined resulted in a breathtaking, well over 20 minutes collection of dark industrial dance music, as well-fitting for those smoky dance floors hidden beneath lively city networks as for your personal on-the-go listening pleasure.

Friendly Timo spoke of working with the artists who contributed to the album, “It was a true pleasure to work with these guys. Every one of them. Combined vision of dark, dancey yet gritty remixes from these tracks was best done with these fine artists. I was very impressed of the no-nonsense attitude they all had. True professionalism is a joy to work with.”


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