Ashes of Your Making

With the release of their third full-length album just around the corner, The Fair Attempts provide one last single, “Ashes of Your Making.” This goth rock anthem arrives just in time for Halloween and the Day of the Dead. It reminds us all that everyone is equal in the grave, including those who are driven to take, and the ones who are ready to give up.

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Release date: October 18, 2021.
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This is the only song they’ve released where the theme of the song is the grave, including literally digging one, and being welcomed by the grave. The music is surprisingly upbeat, in contrast to the lyrics, creating a fun dance experience that’s perfect for your Autumn parties.

Friendly Timo spoke about his experience with “Ashes of Your Making,” and he said, “Making this song reminded me that no matter what we may think, we’re all equal sooner or later. In a way, we already are, regardless of anything else, because time is there to prevent everything from happening at once. It’s good to keep things in perspective once in a while when we try to think of what really matters here.”



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