The debut EP by The Fair Attempts, arisTotal, introduces you to the dark, dystopian and abstract world envisioned by Friendly Timo.   A concept of a world where your own ideals are turned against you.

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Release Date:  February 8, 2019
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arisTotal explores the concept of good intentions turned against the individual acting upon them, while the unexpected consequences run amok.  Be it mundane little things we experience on daily basis as individuals, or larger social issues being impacted by artificial intelligence manipulating the unwashed to their new dystopian civilization.

The title is derived from “Aris,” the modern Greek spelling of Ares, from the Greek αρη (are) “bane, ruin” or αρσην (arsen) “male,” combined with “Total,” meaning to be of absolute bane—a total state of warfare or conflict; be it within or without.

arisTotal is also a play with words about Aristotle.  Friendly Timo was inspired by the way this ancient philosopher’s work, while it arguably brought forth the western civilization, the man’s tragic life came to an end while having to escape persecution by the very people he had served, who used his own brilliant work and good intentions against him.  It was his very own circumstances where he found his personal arisTotal—his Blowback—and inevitably retreated away to die lonely as a hermit.  The tragedy of his story and it’s legacy is a universal theme we see all around to this day.


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