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Carnal Insect

The Carnal Insect album consists of nine new tracks, and The Fair Attempts’ music has noticeably matured.  The album is rich with energetic and catchy songs, but it also includes some moodier tracks that can make you stop and think deeply.  The music becomes more electronic, and the themes grow darker, song by song as the album progresses. … Continue readingCarnal Insect

Little Light

Little Light is the second single from the upcoming Carnal Insect album by The Fair Attempts.  This pure EBM dance song fully embodies the experience of profoundly mixed emotions, and both the music and lyrics progress in unexpected ways. This song also includes samples of a piano playing while its on fire. The piano hisses and … Continue readingLittle Light

Carnal Insect (single)

Carnal Insect is the first single from the second album by The Fair Attempts, and the title track for the album.  This is the most energetic and spirited song you’ve heard from The Fair Attempts so far!   The sound is a merger of industrial rock and EBM—blending electric guitars with retro-sounding synths, along with powerful vocals that convey … Continue readingCarnal Insect (single)

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