Trials of Celeste single, vlog, radio premiere and live interview

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The new “Trials of Celeste” single was released on Monday, June 15th!  Listen and save on Spotify.

Prior to its release, we were invited to appear on the radio show SITUATION 47 with melodywhore and Sapphira Vee, which airs on RADIO DARK TUNNEL.  This is one of our favourite stations and we tune in to listen to SITUATION 47 very often, because they play a lot of great music, including most of our favourite independent artists and bands.  It was a real honour to be invited, but our live interview needed to be recorded before the show aired, due to our timezone.

We had a blast being interviewed by them!  For a hour, we discussed so many fun topics, including our incredible “origin story” that we touched on briefly in our The true story of Blue Rose Park blog post, as well as the meaning of the band name and the title of the debut EP, “arisTotal,” which we had only shared in our first press release for the EP.  We also discussed upcoming releases and touched on some of the stories of the future dystopian world we call “The World of The Fair Attempts.”   The best part of the interview are the fun conversations we all had.  We had some good laughs and a truly great time!

You can listen to the show with the embedded player below.*  Make sure to listen all the way to the end to learn the surprising and funny reason Friendly Timo began making music in the first place, which was echoed in the formation of The Fair Attempts.

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Before our interview aired, Friendly Timo published a vlog about “Trials of Celeste,” in which he discusses some of the concepts that the song grapples with.  You can view the video with the embedded player below.

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