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In addition to the release of the “Little Light” single on August 21, a very special music video was released on the same day!  The video is for the first collaboration with Plike.  Plike is the music project of the producer and composer, Mad Madam Em, and soundscape producer, ASH.

The Fair Attempts collaborated with Plike earlier this year.  He contributed to the song, “SYZYGY” that is part of Plike’s eighth album, De Anima.  This beautiful and deeply moving song must come as a huge surprise for fans of The Fair Attempts!

This stunning music video was directed and edited by Natalie Bible’, a multi-award winning filmmaker.  The music video absolutely stunned me!  The story shown through it is so compelling and full of emotion.

In September, the second collaboration with Plike will be released.  The first track on the upcoming “Carnal Insect” album by The Fair Attempts is “Black Widow,” featuring dark, industrial sounds and programming by Plike.  This collaboration resulted in a unique sound that sets the stage for the new album, and will hopefully surprise Plike fans in return.


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