The Fair Attempts Apparel on Sale

Starwing Digital

To celebrate the June 26 release of the “Carnal Insect” single, all clothing merchandise for The Fair Attempts is on sale in the Starwing Digital Shop on Etsy until July 6, 2019!

All apparel features vibrant prints of single and album art designs that were created by the graphic artist, ensomber, along with the logo for The Fair Attempts on the back (excluding the Carnal Insect Crop Top).  The merchandise items available were all designed with care by Starwing Digital.

All sleeveless tops are only available until the end of the summer, so now is the best time to get yours!

All items are available in a wide range of sizes and are made with high quality materials that are made to last.  Profits from all purchases of merchandise for The Fair Attempts goes directly to Friendly Timo to support his music and projects.


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