Preview video for “Dial Out”

Starwing Digital

We are proud to present this preview of our upcoming single “Dial Out,” the quintessential anthem for escapism!  This lively Industrial Rock song is full of energy and a defiant spirit that challenges the listener to confront their own emotions and take an honest look at the terrible state of their life, then guides them toward the comforting solution.

“Dial Out” also grapples with the ever-growing societal pressure to self-censor and silence all thoughts that could be perceived by someone else as unacceptable or inconvenient, as well as the need to keep all negative emotional experiences tightly reined in.  This song is also honest about the fact that in dark and challenging times, ones fear and overwhelming emotions can put them at even greater risk, so those feelings absolutely need to be managed.  Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to “Dial Out.”

You can pre-save “Dial Out” on Spotify with this link:


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