Presenting the cover art for the next single

Starwing Digital

We are proud to reveal the impressive cover art for the next single by The Fair Attempts, called “Dial Out.”  The cover art was created by Sami Laaksonen, whose name you might recognize—he is also the talented film producer who edited the “Carnal Insect” and “Little Light” music videos released last year.

On top of his earlier work with The Fair Attempts, he also created the cover art for the “Blue Rose Park” single.  Sami Laaksonen is especially talented in his ability to translate the client’s vision into a film or artwork.  The cover art for “Blue Rose Park” was envisioned by Starwing.

The  concept for the “Dial Out” single cover was conceived by Friendly Timo.  The artwork clearly illustrates the theme and core message of the song.  The image includes symbolism we are all familiar with, but the message it conveys is quite unexpected.

We hope you enjoy this cover art and that it inspires your deep thoughts and imagination.  The release date for the “Dial Out” single by The Fair Attempts will be announced very soon.

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