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We are so excited to announce the release dates and more information about new music by The Fair Attempts.  As you might have already read in our last post, a new album and single named “Carnal Insect” are going to be released soon.

First, you’ll be able to enjoy the single next month.  The “Carnal Insect” song will be available for purchase or save to your library on  Spotify starting Wednesday, June, 26.  This is the most energetic and spirited song we’ve heard from The Fair Attempts so far!

The theme of the song is opportunism without moral inhibition. It paints a picture of a person who lives and breathes for their own carnal pleasure wherever it comes, with no second thoughts of the consequences of their actions or how it could impact their image among their peers.

The Fair Attempts “Carnal Insect” single cover by ensomber

The second single from the album will be released on Wednesday, August 21.  “Little Light” is a moody, yet uplifting  dance song.  Friendly Timo was inspired to create a song about becoming overwhelmed by intense and conflicting emotions in response to a joyous experience, and about how a tiny little light within darkness can be like raging inferno that will consume you.

The Fair Attempts “Little Light” single cover by ensomber

A really interesting thing about “Little Light” is that it includes samples of a piano being played while its on fire.  The piano hisses and cries as it goes down in flames, but it sounds so beautiful in its tragic demise.

At last—what we’ve all been waiting for—the second album by The Fair Attempts will be released on Friday, September 27!  The “Carnal Insect” LP consists of nine tracks, and although it was recorded and produced only a few short months after the debut EP, The Fair Attempts’ music has noticeably matured. This album is rich with energetic and catchy songs that could just as easily suit the airwaves as they do the dance floor, but it also includes some moodier tracks that can make you stop and think deeply.

The Fair Attempts “Carnal Insect” album cover by ensomber

The “Carnal Insect” LP is structured as a three acts story that explores the process of human society becoming something that resembles an insect colony more and more.  Act I is about behaviours and attitudes that lead to our downfall, while Act II delves deep into the self and the emotions destroying it.   The finale, Act III, represents “the point of no return,” and reveals the true outcome for insect-like individuals.

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