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The official music video for “Little Light” has been published on YouTube in advance of the single’s release next week–on August 21.  The song and the video are very exciting and personal to both Friendly Timo and his wife (the founder of Starwing Digital).  They wrote the lyrics for the song together, and collaborated on the music video.

During the process of composing new songs for his upcoming “Carnal Insect” album, he was inspired to create a song about the surprisingly complex emotional reaction his wife had in response a joyous experience.   You can read the lyrics here.

We are extremely proud to share the video with you!

Friendly Timo spoke about the message of the song, “Little Light tells a story about how one can be scared to accept good things happening to them after being exposed to darkness for too long time.  How otherwise happy and beautiful things can make you sad and even scared. How you may end up feeling scared of losing it again or feeling you are not supposed to have it, so something really bad will happen next.”

He added, “It’s a story about how a tiny little light within darkness can be like raging inferno that’ll consume you.  And it’s a story of how entertaining even a speck of hope within very dark times can be frightening and consuming also.”

The making of the music video was a great experience, and was also fun for both of them to create.  They each contributed to the theme of the video and its imagery.  Friendly Timo wanted to express more of TFA Guy’s emotional life and character and developed the concept of the teddy bear companion.

His wife suggested a completely dark space with a light that could swing on a cord for vocals scenes, and the performance Friendly Timo gave was even better than she had envisioned.  In the end, TFA Guy also danced with the light–recorded with a very high frame rate so it could be displayed in slow motion.  The slow motion scenes are some of the most compelling scenes in the video.  Something amusing to share with you is that the light got broken when it smacked into his gas mask, and the metal ball on the light’s chain hit the glass to finish it off.  Unfortunately the frame rate was not fast enough to capture the shards of glass, but it was a fitting way to wrap up the filming sessions.

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