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Over the past week, we have had the opportunity to work with graphic artist, ensomber, to create a bundle of branded images for The Fair Attempts.  With a new studio release in the works, cover art for the album and singles was required, and Friendly Timo desired a consistent theme to tie all the images together.

ensomber offers high quality custom cover art, logos, merch designs, social media rebranding, event flyers, and more to suit your personal needs and style.  After seeing the impressive cover art created for the upcoming single, “Carnal Insect,” it became obvious that ensomber was also the right artist to design a brand new logo for Starwing Digital (that you see here in this blog).  The ability to create an eye-catching symbol that clearly expresses a brand, artist or company’s identity is very rare, and the right logo makes the best first impression!

The Fair Attempts "Carnal Insect" single cover by ensomber
The Fair Attempts “Carnal Insect” single cover by ensomber

Here is the single cover for “Carnal Insect,” which features the gas mask motif The Fair Attempts is known for, and it ties in with the second single (to be revealed at a later date).  Continuing the theme to social media, The Fair Attempts also got new profile art for all the leading social media sites–you can check out those great designs on the @TheFairAttempts Twitter profile.

Starwing Digital banner art by ensomber
Starwing Digital banner art by ensomber

In addition to the new logo, Starwing Digital also commissioned custom artwork and received a stunning scene in a space fantasy style, demonstrating at least a hint of the wide range of styles ensomber can create.  If you need high quality art for your next album, single, or website, we absolutely recommend ensomber for your project.  Don’t forget to follow @ensomber on Twitter.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information about the upcoming “Carnal Insect” album and singles, plus additional art reveals and news… including some behind the scenes details of a new music video!

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