First week of “Dial Out”

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The brand new single, “Dial Out” was released one week ago, on April 20, 2020.  It has been an amazing week!  Before I write about how the week went, I want to share the announcement video log (vlog) that was uploaded to YouTube a week before the single released.  Friendly Timo had a new concept for this video and the result was both artistic and thought-provoking.  In it, he shared more about the message and meaning of his art, and why he uses a gas mask and protective clothing in his art.  He also revealed more about the message of “Dial Out” to viewers.  Much of what he discussed in this video has been quoted in articles and news about the new single, and the video has been included with one article as well.

You might’ve noticed the other people in this video didn’t appear surprised to see a man wearing a gas mask in public.  In the past, whenever he did a photo shoot in public, it was very different!  Of course, the sad reason for this difference is due to the SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic.  While it wasn’t the reason why he shared more about the meaning of his art, we feel it’s important to affirm and assure you that none of the artistic expression of The Fair Attempts is associated with this terrible pandemic.  The dark future visions revealed through the “Black Mirror of Industrial Rock” are related to a time that is still to come, but no doubt, the seeds of that dystopia are taking root even today.

The response to the release of “Dial Out” has been fantastic!  The song has already been played on radio and shared in a podcast by Radio Dark Tunnel, Radio TFSC, and Industrial DJ.  The single was also featured on some of our favourite music websites and online magazines.

Side-Line Magazine
Tuonela Magazine
Brutal Resonance
Kaaoszine (in Finnish)
Desibeli (in Finnish)
Revival Synth

It was a bonus surprise that another one of the Tracks of The Week 26/4/2020 on Revival Synth was the remix The Fair Attempts did of the new song “Concealed” by Collapse of Dawn.  What an amazing honour!  You can listen to “Concealed (The Fair Attempts Remix) on Spotify or Bandcamp.  The “Concealed” single (which included the remix) was released on the same day as “Dial Out,” and the album featuring the remix, “Transcendence,” was released today.

We extend our deepest thanks to the media and all the fans for your continued support of The Fair Attempts–you rock!

Stay safe.

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