Carnal Insect music video and new promo photos

Starwing Digital

It has been an incredibly exciting and busy time for us in the past few days!  As the record label and primary promoter of The Fair Attempts, I’ve been focused on getting our press release and promotional materials to some of the right people.

I did have time to add the brand new music video–the first ever music video for The Fair Attempts–to the front page of this website, just after changing the photo background for the site (more on that below)  I have now published the lyrics and video on the Carnal Insect (song) page.

The music video has already been very well received, especially among fans who follow The Fair Attempts on Twitter.

Now, about those amazing new photographs and portraits!  The photos were taken and enhanced by Ville Nieminen.  He is incredibly talented, as you can plainly see.  Here is a sampling of the photos he took of Friendly Timo and the “TFA Guy,” and more will be added soon.



We hope you’re just as excited as we are about the upcoming release of the “Carnal Insect” single, next week on June 26!

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