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We’ve been quietly setting up a new online store where we can sell branded merchandise to support independent artists.  All profits from sales go directly to The Fair Attempts.

We added a new page to this website to display all available merchandise for The Fair Attempts.  You’ll see the item prices displayed in United States Dollars on the new Shop page, but when you click on an item you’re interested in, you’ll be taken to our online store at, and all prices will be shown in your currency.

We are pleased to tell you that one of the biggest fans of The Fair Attempts ordered a special item for herself before we publicly announced the store anywhere!  She knew it was in the works because she’s been in contact–you can also reach out to The Fair Attempts on the Contact page.

The Fair Attempts Carnal Insect Stainless Steel Travel Mug
The Fair Attempts Carnal Insect Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This item was the first product sold to a fan of The Fair Attempts, who said she chose the travel mug because she always takes a hot drink to work, and that it’s such a striking design that customers are sure to ask about it.  It was really nice to hear that a fan wants to spread the word about The Fair Attempts with an eye-catching conversation starter.

We have plenty of items to choose from, including unisex T-shirts in multiple styles, and great products for everyday living or gifts for any occasion.  Check the listings shown on the Shop page, and stay tuned to this blog for announcements about special offers or new items in the store.

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