arisTotal EP is available in a few short hours

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In less than twelve hours, the debut EP of The Fair Attempts, arisTotal, will be released!  This has been an exciting time for Starwing Digital as well, because this is also our first collection release.  All songs from the EP will be available for listening on this site, and you will also find the lyrics published here.

During the last two weeks, many new listeners discovered The Fair Attempts for the first time, with the release of the single, Bad Battery.  It was a pleasure to read the reviews, and we want to share a special review written by Mika Roth at  The review is written in Finnish and Google translates it very incorrectly, so for English readers we have a translation.

“One name is revealed behind the name “The Fair Attempts”: a founding member of the Tampere – based “The Cyan Velvet Project,” who is now known as Friendly Timo. Where TCVP was all about forging industrial metal, The Fair Attempts belongs purely to the synth/electro/EBM tribe where dance-ability is everything.

“Bad Battery tells about a fight against a terrible disease. An unwinnable fight that is ever consuming, destructive and crushing, but what you cannot escape either. Life is valuable, even the little crumbs of it. From within all the misery, pain and sadness has risen at least one excellent song that knows how to bring the German industrial sound and American synthwave to the same meeting point. It would be easy to blow everyone away with a ton of guitars at the chorus, but the approach to Bad Battery has been realized to keep it minimalist enough, which is outright genius.”

You can read the original text here.

It is important to The Fair Attempts that listeners each interpret the songs for themselves–and hopefully find a meaning that resonates with them on a personal level–however, if you wish to learn about the ideas and stories that inspired the songs, come back to this blog tomorrow!

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