Announcing “Trials of Celeste” the next single

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We are very excited to announce the next single by The Fair Attempts, called “Trials of Celeste.”   This will be the third single from the upcoming “Dream Engine” album.  “Trials of Celeste” will be released on June 15, 2020.  In a recent interview Friendly Timo and I did with Chris Wilburn, we discussed the upcoming single.  Friendly Timo stated, “That one is going to kick some ass,” and I described, “It’s heavy and fun at the same time. Intense and playful.”

In a way, the song itself explores contradictions.  It took some time for us to give the song the right title.  It was yet more challenging to develop a concept for the album art!  We worked with Sami Laaksonen again—he designed the covers for “Blue Rose Park” and “Dial Out.”  We want all the single covers to tie-in with one another by having a black background.  For this album art, Sami experimented with several ideas that actually are great for the next album planned for The Fair Attempts!

The final design was based on a concept I had for the cover—I envisioned red and blue contrasting light that could follow the body angle of the silhouette representation of Celeste, or go side-to-side. Sami took that idea and brought it to life in a way that we were immediately impressed with!

I added the title text to the final album art, but we chose not to include the TFA logo on this cover, because we didn’t want to distract from Sami’s amazing art!

We hope you enjoy the art.  We’ll share more information about the single, as the release date draws nearer.  Make sure to keep an eye open for the next artistic vlog made by Friendly Timo, to discuss the deeper aspects of “Trials of Celeste” on YouTube.

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