Addict Nation (The Fair Attempts Remix) by Jessi Frey

Starwing Digital

Recently, Friendly Timo collaborated with Jessi Frey to create a new industrial remix version of her popular song, “Addict Nation.”  The single is available now and you can stream it on Spotify!

Save this fantastic song to your library and add it to your playlists, but don’t forget to follow The Fair Attempts and Jessi Frey on Spotify!

Both of them made vlogs on YouTube.  Friendly Timo began doing vlogs to provide a convenient way for you to stay updated with all the new things he has going on for The Fair Attempts, as well as his thoughts on making music. In this vlog, he spoke of working with Jessi Frey and what he thinks of the new vocals she added for this version of the song.

Jessi Frey also shared her thoughts and a teaser for the future!

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