Love and War


You’re a liar and a leech
You take advantage of my needs
But you can’t feel what I feel inside
It’s a revolution in my heart

Tall is the lie you wave up high
With pretty smile you maim and kill
Who the fuck are you to say what’s wrong or right?
Cause you’re the one who makes me ill

You made your senses modulate under your will
It’s just the lies that I kill
You try to hold to them—keep them still
You run around your rhyme and call yourself my friend
A human pretend
You love a lie and live to die

Do your math you psychopath
I guarantee you can’t feel what I feel for you
Algorithms runs a beat—your plastic heart singing
Baby, I love you too

Through all your anger—through your hatred and your fears
A human pretend—a universe shedding tears
You run around not knowing who you really are
You’re already dead
You just don’t have the spine to admit it yet

You’re already dead
You’re already dead

Death is just a tool
A control to keep me in line
Take me for a fool?
I found peace in misery
It’s what makes me feel alive

We dance around our love and sing of our war
And I love you just as you are
I bend the nature, sun and moon just for you
That much I do
I wanna feel alive just like you

Female vocals in “Love and War” by Jessi Frey
© 2020 Friendly Timo. All rights reserved.


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