Bad Battery


Hold down your feelings
You can’t afford them any longer, my darling
You got a bad battery
I hear you breathing
Your vital signs are getting weaker every moment
Bad battery

Come feed the beast

You pave my road
With your good intentions
Arms ’round your throat
Strategy of Tension

Maybe you’re dreaming
Your medication’s getting stronger every day
You got a bad battery
You stopped believing
You heart is growing ever colder, my darling
It’s a tragedy

I welcome suicide, a genocide
So my world keeps spinning
I got my battery, it’s all I need
Your blood keeps thinning

We got a party at your place
Got a tombstone with your name
We dance around your open grave
Dead or alive, its all the same

I talked to God and God said no
I prayed to God and God said no
I prayed to God and God said no
I talked to God and God said

© 2018 by Friendly Timo.  All rights reserved.

Bad Battery (3:26)
DK UPC:  193665412155

Release Date:  January 23, 2019
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