The Fair Attempts Apparel on Sale

Starwing Digital
Starwing Digital

To celebrate the June 26 release of the “Carnal Insect” single, all clothing merchandise for The Fair Attempts is on sale in the Starwing Digital Shop on Etsy until July 6, 2019!

All apparel features vibrant prints of single and album art designs that were created by the graphic artist, ensomber, along with the logo for The Fair Attempts on the back (excluding the Carnal Insect Crop Top).  The merchandise items available were all designed with care by Starwing Digital.

All sleeveless tops are only available until the end of the summer, so now is the best time to get yours!

All items are available in a wide range of sizes and are made with high quality materials that are made to last.  Profits from all purchases of merchandise for The Fair Attempts goes directly to Friendly Timo to support his music and projects.


Carnal Insect music video and new promo photos

Starwing Digital
Starwing Digital

It has been an incredibly exciting and busy time for us in the past few days!  As the record label and primary promoter of The Fair Attempts, I’ve been focused on getting our press release and promotional materials to some of the right people.

I did have time to add the brand new music video–the first ever music video for The Fair Attempts–to the front page of this website, just after changing the photo background for the site (more on that below)  I have now published the lyrics and video on the Carnal Insect (song) page.

The music video has already been very well received, especially among fans who follow The Fair Attempts on Twitter.

Now, about those amazing new photographs and portraits!  The photos were taken and enhanced by Ville Nieminen.  He is incredibly talented, as you can plainly see.  Here is a sampling of the photos he took of Friendly Timo and the “TFA Guy,” and more will be added soon.



We hope you’re just as excited as we are about the upcoming release of the “Carnal Insect” single, next week on June 26!

The Man With The Gas-mask

Friendly Timo
Friendly Timo

As some of you may know, I have done a music video for my upcoming single, “Carnal Insect.”  During this process of creating it something interesting happened.  I brought forth and gave new life to something that I didn’t know even existed.

For all these years of composing music I’ve always had this weird feeling as if the ideas would come from somewhere else other than my own head.  No, not all the time but during those moments when everything during the creative process starts to fall into place and become effortless, and whenever I feel I am “in the zone.”  It is as if I was in contact with some side of me or some deeper level of myself that already did make the song and is just dictating it to my more conscious persona, that is simply the monkey doing all the physical work.  Just a vessel or a bridge to bring forth something beyond the surface of my mind.

I mean, I once met myself in a dream and he accused me of plagiarism!  I first mistook the guy to be my higher self, but the way he was ranting about it revealed he was just another self.  At first I thought it was just a funny dream, but now I see there was something more to it.

I didn’t even fully realize this, but while making my first ever music video for The Fair Attempts, I used my “man with the gas-mask” character in it .  During the cutting phase of the video, it became evident how many different personas of me are present in the music video.  How many personas can I bring forth when I simply lose my inhibitions and let the creative expression take hold of me?

It is like this gas-masked character is my avatar for expressing some deeper aspects of me and tell a story through it.  A vessel for me to express something while making a clear distinction from both my musician persona, “Friendly Timo,” and my “everyday” persona.

This man-sized sock puppet was brought to life through the imagination that was fed to me by my song, “Catwalk.”  It personifies the kind of individual that part of me feels inside: behind shields and barriers from the outside world and influences, while cautious and protective about everything that may hurt me.   It is an aspect of me like many others that occasionally pop up, such as “Hostile Timo,” a very destructive side of me.  But let’s just let that one be though, shall we?

I feel this “Gas-mask Man” is a perfect avatar to represent The Fair Attempts also due to the impersonal nature of him.  He is not just an essence of me, but in many ways an essence of us all.  We all have these feelings of not belonging, being hurt and growing a kind of protective barrier between the world and the core of our emotions.  The Gas-mask Man may at times wonder why to even keep going and try anymore, despite all the good intentions and love he has tried to give to the world?  And what he has gotten back?  But along comes another day and he finds himself picking the scraps up, and giving it another go for the sake of doing it.  Another Fair Attempt.  This is the core of it, The Fair Attempts is not just about me, or just about you either.  It is about all of us.

I want to draw him out more and learn what he is all about, and does he even have a name?  Regardless, since he is The Fair Attempts personified, I hereby call him “TFA Guy.”  He has now been realized during the creation of this music video and he is here to stay…  Or do you think I should go talk to a professional about this?


Summer Music Giveaway!

Starwing Digital
Starwing Digital

To celebrate the upcoming release of the new single, “Carnal Insect,” we’re giving away two free download codes for the debut EP, “arisTotal” to fans.  The catch is: you give the extra code to a music loving friend.  Share the tunes!

If you want to participate in this special promotion, all you need to do is send us a message using the email form on the Contact page.  Leave your email and let us know you’re interested in getting free download codes for “arisTotal.”

Fans and followers on other sites can participate during June, but this offer is valid all summer long on The Fair Attempts official website!

*100 free download codes for the EP on Bandcamp are available.  Get yours while you can!

Branded merchandise is available now

Starwing Digital
Starwing Digital

We’ve been quietly setting up a new online store where we can sell branded merchandise to support independent artists.  All profits from sales go directly to The Fair Attempts.

We added a new page to this website to display all available merchandise for The Fair Attempts.  You’ll see the item prices displayed in United States Dollars on the new Shop page, but when you click on an item you’re interested in, you’ll be taken to our online store at, and all prices will be shown in your currency.

We are pleased to tell you that one of the biggest fans of The Fair Attempts ordered a special item for herself before we publicly announced the store anywhere!  She knew it was in the works because she’s been in contact–you can also reach out to The Fair Attempts on the Contact page.

The Fair Attempts Carnal Insect Stainless Steel Travel Mug
The Fair Attempts Carnal Insect Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This item was the first product sold to a fan of The Fair Attempts, who said she chose the travel mug because she always takes a hot drink to work, and that it’s such a striking design that customers are sure to ask about it.  It was really nice to hear that a fan wants to spread the word about The Fair Attempts with an eye-catching conversation starter.

We have plenty of items to choose from, including unisex T-shirts in multiple styles, and great products for everyday living or gifts for any occasion.  Check the listings shown on the Shop page, and stay tuned to this blog for announcements about special offers or new items in the store.