The true story of Blue Rose Park

Friendly Timo

In a spirit of Valentine’s Day, Starwing and I looked back into our past together and thought it was about time to open up and share our personal love story.  We sat down and talked about if it would be a good idea to let you know a bit more about us.  Afterall, over a decade of us being happily married is quite a trip to stop and remember our story!

We both have been engaged in the deeper world of what we tend to call human psychic function.  Well, for me the interest began with me having these constant “deja vu” experiences multiple times a day.  It got so bad my parents took me to a doctor and I got told by a neurologist that there were certain signals in my brain that were firing twice, causing the perceived experience.  But it didn’t explain how I was able to walk down a corridor explaining to my friend who’s the next person walking from the class room at my age 7. Then came my involuntary out-of-body experiences, where I could see myself walking down the street casually from 3rd person view. Sometimes this switched between the 1st person back to 3rd rapidly too, as if my consciousness was trying to eject my body. I had a rather normal healthy childhood otherwise and was able to function despite these oddities.

Entering my early adulthood, these “symptoms” disappeared and later, during my martial arts and military training, I got interested in the spirituality tied to what we call “warrior culture.” I was interested in getting to know myself better and improve myself as a person, both physical and spiritual. Including this mysterious “deeper engine in my head” that did its own thing during my childhood and teen years. So I got interested in all things esoteric and even engaged in courses for remote viewing led by some special people who worked for DIA under the infamous ‘Stargate Project.’ It was very interesting time of my life, but it got much more interesting from there.

All the while, Starwing was on the other side of the globe being a professional in her field… (Starwing, you should write this.)

    I worked as a fairly successful professional psychic for almost 20 years before Timo and I had any form of contact.  I didn’t perform parlour tricks and the dead have nothing to say, but I was discrete and protected the identities and private information of my clients, who included very well-known individuals and struggling students alike. 

    Don’t worry—I am no longer able to control those abilities to the extent that I used to because of Multiple Sclerosis and all the medications I need to use to manage it.  It only matters that I used to be very gifted and even I benefited from some special insight in my own life.

Why do we tell you about all of this?  Because you need to know this in order to understand that we met for the first time ever during a dream we shared from the other sides of the planet.  Gravity of random events, or what we like to call ‘synchronicities,’ brought us into contact enough for us to recognize each other from those dreams we had before and we couldn’t help but to instantly fall in love with each other.

    I made the bold and daring choice to relocate to the other side of the world to spend my life with my soulmate before we actually met in person.  What I didn’t foresee was the terrible hardships we would face as soon as we finally began our life together.  I became seriously ill with MS to the point that we both had to give up everything we were doing—Timo stepped away from his music career to take care of me.  I felt so sad for that, but it was nothing like when he sold his guitar (and every other piece of equipment except his microphone) to pay for my medications.

    When we were newlyweds, I used to take him on 5 km power walks and then he consoled me and kept me going when I couldn’t walk at all anymore.  I don’t like to talk about it and try so hard to not complain about how much I suffer, so he is the only one who knows and these burdens isolated us from the rest of the world for a decade.  We got through it all together, and every day we get through together.

We made this special song ‘Blue Rose Park’ to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you and to inspire you about your own love story, to remind you that love is magical and its force is not to be underestimated.  Even if you feel completely alone, abandoned and hopeless, it might be just one part of YOUR story until something really unexpected happens.  We met in the ‘Blue Rose Park’ and walked together in spirit ever since.  Even death won’t tear us apart since we know we’ve been through that together before.

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