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  • Welcome (home page of The Official Website for The Fair Attempts)
  • Music (links and information for all albums, EPs and singles by The Fair Attempts)
  • Dream Engine (all revealed details of the album and released singles)
  • Carnal Insect Remixes (embedded player and details about EP)
  • Carnal Insect (embedded player and details about LP)
  • arisTotal (embedded player and details about EP)
  • Albums Portfolio (list of all portfolio items and bonus content about each release)
  • About (detailed biography and the story of The Fair Attempts)
  • Press (contains the current EPK, along with cover art, promotional photos and artist portraits)
  • Privacy (detailed information regarding data we collect and third-party services we use)
  • Blog (contains all blog posts, listed in order from the newest post to the oldest)
  • Shop (displays all CDs and merchandise for The Fair Attempts and links lead to the Starwing Digital Shop on Etsy)
  • Contact (social media links and a contact form to send a message to The Fair Attempts)
  • Newsletter (learn more about and subscribe to our email The Fair Attempts Newsletter)

* excludes lyrics pages for every song released, as they are linked to with a text link on the page for the album or EP the song is included on. 


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