Hailing from Finland, The Fair Attempts produces music that has a hard and gritty feel, while making you want to dance. Genres brought together to create this unique music include Industrial Rock, EBM, Synthpop and Darkwave. The merger of these genres perfectly facilitates the expression of lyrical themes that are typically dark and uplifting at the same time.

The Fair Attempts was founded in 2018 by Friendly Timo, the one man behind the compositions, lyrics, and audio engineering. The first collection released, Indoctrination, was experimental as Timo sought to create electronic music that’s gritty and edgy, but pop and dance at the same time. The project helped him discover what he felt was the true core and soul of the music of The Fair Attempts.

In early 2019, the debut album arisTotal was released. The six track EP was received positively at home in Finland and abroad. The album and the style of compositions was lauded in several reviews, and the tracks were featured in multiple radio shows, podcasts, and music blogs.

At the start of summer 2019, The Fair Attempts released the first single, Carnal Insect from the upcoming album of the same name. The music video made for Carnal Insect was the very first music video for The Fair Attempts, and truly demonstrated the energy and spirit of the music and the artist.

The Fair Attempts has also collaborated with several artists, producing remixes for artists and groups including Jessi Frey, Terrordyne, and Eyeshadow 2600 FM.  The remix he did for Eyeshadow 200 FM, “More Human Than Human (The Fair Attempts “Bad Idea” Remix) features original lyrics and vocals by The Fair Attempts.

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