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My novel is in the test printing phase and we need to make sure that the cover and all 50 paintings by Melinda Maria Lack that illustrate the story turn out looking their best in the printed book—images look much different when printed than how we see them on a backlit screen.  A few images needed a slight adjustment after the first test, however, I want to tell you about the physical book.

I considered it for a long time before I decided to not release a Kindle or ebook version of this book at this time, and it’s because of the artwork.  I came to the conclusion that the images need to be touched by the reader’s hands and a hardcover book would provide the experience I want them to have.  It’s also a much different feeling to read a physical book, as opposed to a digital display of text.  While I examine every single page of my test print, I feel so glad that I made this choice!

First of all, the book is made from good quality materials—the book weighs 700 grams (1.5 lbs), so it’s still comfortable to hold for hours.  I personally love how the trimmed pages feel along the sides—they are very smooth, almost silky.  As I read through the test print, I enjoy the way it reads as I turn the pages and it’s very comfortable to read for long periods of time without the eye strain a screen can cause.

As I mentioned already, I chose to publish this novel as a hardcover book because of the illustrations and I absolutely love how they look on the pages!  The texture of the paper adds a certain softness (for lack of a better word) to the images, in comparison to the digital version.  All of Mel’s art is stunning in its digital format, but on paper there’s an added layer of inviting warmth to even the harshest moments of the story.

Below, you can see a preview of the covers (minus the bar code and ISBN).  I can’t wait to be able to finally publish this book!



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  1. Sounds amazing! The hard cover books are – at least to me -really important. It is a different (homey, nostalgic and more cozy) feeling to read a physical book than an e-book.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it too. I definitely agree that it’s more cozy! There’s nothing like curling up in bed with a comfy blanket and a good book. 🙂 On the weekend, I put it down and one of my cats claimed it. I shared a photo on Instagram because it was too cute.

      I published a non-fiction ebook about meditation many years ago, when they first got going and before Kindle. I used a software that made the “paper texture” and the ink effect (where some letters don’t have 100% ink), plus page turn animations, but for all its attempts to substitute, it wasn’t anything like reading a book.

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