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Dream Engine” album by The Fair Attempts is the companion of my novel “Dreaming Your Dream” and it released today!  Together, they reveal the dark future dystopian world we’re unwittingly constructing around ourselves.  This world was first envisioned by Friendly Timo of  The Fair Attempts during the creation of the debut EP “arisTotal.”  He recently said, “I had some abstract ideas about being behind the gas mask in this dark, dystopian world.”  All the music he creates exposes hints of the world and I was able to bring his vision alive through my writing.  I wrote “Dreaming Your Dream” as the album was being composed, recorded, mixed and mastered.  Half of the songs inspired various aspects and scenes in the novel and the novel inspired the other half of the album!

Today, a review and a comprehensive song-by-song breakdown was published by Darkness Calling.  It features interview answers from Timo and myself about the music and how each song ties in with my novel.  The article also includes one illustration that relates to each song.  Click or tap the screenshot below to read the article.



Dream Engine” is the second full length album by The Fair Attempts.  The music is a combination of Industrial Rock, Industrial Blues, Darkwave, and Synthpop.  I sang with Timo in “Blue Rose Park” and Jessi Frey sang with him in “Love and War.” 



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Visit Melinda Maria Lack Digital Art to learn more about the artist who illustrated “Dreaming Your Dream.”



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