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I’ve been hard at work on “Technological Shaman (Book Two of Machine Dreaming)” and I’m happy to announce the first chapter of the novel is available to download for free.  This PDF file is a work-in-progress and the text is subject to revisions prior to publication of the novel.

The tagline for the novel is:

Spiritual rebirth for a dead world

The blurb hasn’t been written yet, but a basic description is “Technological Shaman” provides two points of view as the story continues.  Follow Alex and see the fallout from the ending of “Dreaming Your Dream,” and look inside the new life John is living.  Alex is on the cusp of achieving his lifelong desire to become a father when he is initiated as a shaman.  The spirits aren’t the only ones who want him to follow that path.  As the only living person known to have psychic abilities, AI considers him the most important human.  Would following that path even be safe for him to do?  His reckless methods could put his life at risk or cause brain damage.  Meanwhile, John needs to adjust to the changes in his life and worldview. Can he be trusted, or will he be corrupted?

Technological Shaman [SAMPLE CHAPTER]

Read the first chapter of “Technological Shaman (Book Two of Machine Dreaming)”

Size: 10‏‎6 KB
Published: February 1, 2022

Thank you so much for all your support and interest in my work. I look forward to sharing more with you as “Technological Shaman” draws closer to publication.




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