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Worldbuilding is often the most challenging aspect of writing any story about an entirely different world, or in the case of “Dreaming Your Dream” a drastically different future world.  It all begins with the setting.   I’ve been thinking a lot about the world that I’ve been essentially living in for the past year—when I wasn’t writing, I was thinking about the world more than I thought about the world I’m physically in!

I fell in love with the world to the point that I began thinking, “How did I come up with this?”  Of course, I can remember planning things and writing down my ideas, but it feels like I witnessed the story, rather than created it… if that makes any sense—I could be experiencing a state of madness an author needs to achieve before a story can be made real for the reader.

There are significant details of the world and the setting of the story that I cannot share yet, but I can reveal this paragraph, describing the city from a distance.

They walked together through the debris littered streets of the old city—a devastated and fallen European city whose name and character were omitted from the records.  The new city was called City 9 and it occupied the center of what was once an impressive metropolitan area.  Large concrete apartment towers stood clustered together around several tall glass and steel skyscrapers in the heart of the new city.  In the sky, small autonomous drones flew in predictable patterns above and between the buildings, while they gathered and delivered data.

I know this is just a tiny peek at the city, but I hope it will plant a seed in your mind too!




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