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“Dreaming Your Dream” is getting an updated cover as the novel is released in paperback and Kindle ebook formats soon!  I’m already hard at work on the next novel in the “Machine Dreaming” series, so I made the decision to update the cover of the first book when I was able to release the novel in additional formats.

What is the difference between the formats, other than the list price? 
The hardcover format provides the best reading experience and enables you to see the illustrations larger.  The hardcover format’s pages are better protected and it has a matte finish tactile cover that feels fantastic in your hands as you immerse yourself in this dark dystopian world.  The novel is is printed on high quality paper with silky-smooth edges of the trimmed pages.  The book is 15×23 cm/6×9 in.

The paperback is 13×20 cm/5×8 in, and has a smaller font size, giving the paperback the same number of pages—but it isn’t an exact replica.  It includes one bonus page with a brief passage of text and does have three blank pages at the end in order to have the page number divisible by 12 for printing purposes.  The pages have been designed with wide enough margins on the binding side of the pages that you can read the book all the way through without the risk of cracking the book’s spine and damaging the glue binding, which can make it easier for pages to fall out of books as they age.  The book is also printed on the same high quality paper as the hardcover format, and it has a glossy cover that enhances the Film Noir style of the artwork.

The hardcover and paperback both include decorative elements at the start and end of each chapter, along with matching paragraph break indicators, and are self-published through a different indie publishing service than the Kindle ebook.  The Kindle version doesn’t include the same cosmetic elements to chapter markings and paragraph breaks but that has no impact on the story.  The Kindle ebook has a fixed layout that’s ideal for reading on Kindle Fire or a tablet or computer with the free Kindle app installed (available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac).  The placement of the 50 illustrations that accompany the story mimics the print formats of the book, with each image displayed on its own page within the chapters.  Fixed layout books are not be available for Kindle E-readers.  Reading on tablets or computers will provide you with the best digital reading experience, as the font could be too small for reading on phones.

I’m very excited to be able to share these new formats with readers who are looking for other options for their personal book collections, and to reveal that the story continues beyond “Dreaming Your Dream.”  I won’t spoil anything by revealing the title of the next book just yet (and certainly not the title of the third book!), but I hope you’ll find the series name intriguing.  The Second Edition of “Dreaming Your Dream” will be available in time for the winter holidays!



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