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You might have already guessed that my novel, “Dreaming Your Dream” has something to do with The Fair Attempts.  If the similarity between its title and the upcoming “Dream Engine” album wasn’t a big enough hint to convince you, you might’ve seen an image of the back cover of the book, which features this painting by Melinda Maria Lack.  I’m happy to finally be able to confirm that my novel is an abstract expression of my personal interests, beliefs, and dreams, based in my interpretation of the world envisioned by my husband, which inspires his musical project, The Fair Attempts.  You might’ve already seen a photo or video of him portraying the main character of the story, named John.



In this scene that Mel painted, John is seen on the bus.  He rides the bus twice on most days and he prefers to be left alone, so he can watch the City 9 News highlights using the augmented reality feature of his gas mask… unless it’s one of those days when he just doesn’t care.

I hope you enjoyed this art preview and the revelation/confirmation of the connection between “Dreaming Your Dream” and The Fair Attempts.  The book is in it’s printing stage and will be available in hardcover from Amazon in 4 to 6 weeks!  All illustrations are by Melinda Maria Lack.



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