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“Dreaming Your Dream” features reverse-engineered dream sequences that include foreshadowing through symbolism and dream interpretation.  My intention is that you’ll learn more about the protagonist through his actions and responses to his dreams, without any knowledge of dream interpretation required, but I aimed to write it in a way that you might learn to recognize some of the symbolic language of dreams.

This scene painted by Melinda Maria Lack is from one of those dreams.  Dream interpretation is a challenge for most people, but there are some basic principles and the first is to consider all elements of a dream in light of the dreamer’s own life.  If a rancher dreams of a horse, it has a very different meaning than a person who has no interactions with horses.  This is true of dreams featuring a horse in a gas mask—John lives in a time when gas masks are required to survive outdoors, so the mask has no special meaning because it’s expected by the dreamer.  The symbolism in his dream revolves around the horse, its ribbons and bells, and the icicles.

If you had such a dream, it could mean you feel unprepared or afraid of unseen troubles or danger and the horse is a messenger, who reminds you of your true strength and advises you to move forward with an adventurous spirit… or alternatively, that you’ve read “Dreaming Your Dream” and this scene resonates with you on a deeper level!



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