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It’s here! “Dreaming Your Dream” now has an updated cover for both the paperback and Kindle ebook formats, available exclusively on Amazon.  In addition, I have a brand-new book trailer.  You can watch it here and scroll down to see more images of the new design and cover portrait painted by Melinda Maria Lack.

You can take a closer look at the front and back covers for the paperback.  (The Kindle ebook only includes the front cover.)

The reason for this cover make-over is to coordinate all covers in the “Machine Dreaming” series.  Each book in the series will have wrap-around cover art like “Dreaming Your Dream” has now.

It was a pleasure—as always—to work with Mel again.  As soon as I reached out to her to share my idea, she was excited about it, and we got to work immediately.  Mel painted this beautiful portrait for the new book design.

I am proud to present this new edition of my  novel.  Along with the new cover, both paperback and ebook formats have new bonus content at the end, including access to download the free ebook companion guidebook from the Downloads page on my website.

Visit the Amazon listing for “Dreaming Your Dream”




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