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In “Dreaming Your Dream” life isn’t typically enjoyable for the descendants of the survivors of the final human war.  It doesn’t help very much that they have comfortable homes to live in and they benefit in many ways from the technology that makes their world keep going on after humanity came so close to self-extinction.  The solution to end conflict between people was to keep them isolated from one another.  Human beings are—above all else—a social species and some people will always long for a real friend or to discover what love feels like—for them, there is no risk not worth braving to embark on such a journey.

I don’t wish to spoil any scenes for you so I cannot tell you what’s happening in this great illustration by Melinda Maria Lack, but I wanted you to know the backstory for why this scene is a special moment in my novel.  I hope you enjoyed learning more about “Dreaming Your Dream” and are drawn to examine all the fine details Mel put into the illustration!

“Dreaming Your Dream” is available on Amazon now!



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