I’m Starwing – Author, Indie Record Label Owner, Music Blogger & Team Member of The Fair Attempts


Originally from Canada, I relocated to Finland in 2008, for marriage.  I’ve been using the pen name Starwing for more than ten years now, after taking on the artist name while making music with my husband.  He continues to make music as The Fair Attempts and goes by the artist name, Friendly Timo.  I manage the independent record label that publishes and promotes his work.  I continue participate in his music as a co-producer, sometimes contributing or collaborating on lyrics, providing a voice sample now and then, and I even sang with him in our very special love song, called “Blue Rose Park” (you can listen to it below).  In fact, that song was inspired by dreams that he and I shared—the dreams I had also inspired a part of my novel, “Dreaming Your Dream” and I gave a nod to the song in the form of a tattoo the character on the cover has. 

Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine—ever since I learned how to write in my first year of school.  I enjoy writing everything from ad copy and press releases, to music reviews and non-fiction, but I especially love writing fiction!  My first novel, “Dreaming Your Dream” is best described as a dystopian science-fiction psychological drama, with a touch of fantasy (in the form of dreams) and a bit of romance for good measure.  It includes 50 beautiful illustrations by the very talented artist, Melinda Maria Lack, in a Film Noir inspired art style.

“Looking at the path toward utopia, you will inevitably see a time that appears more like a dystopia.”

~ Starwing

“Blue Rose Park” is also available to purchase on Bandcamp.