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I had the pleasure of conceiving a boogeyman for the stories told to children and creating their AI-generated nightmares.  There are stories told about these strange people, called Ruiners because they survive and lurk out in the ruins around the cities.  Of course the figure was created for a narrative purpose, but it’s also a delight that shedding more light on the world of The Fair Attempts includes a great deal of the cultural experiences of the people.  I’m sure you’ll read and hear more about Ruiners in the future!

In this painting, Mel went above and beyond my expectation and hope for this scene—she was very inspired by the concept, description and backstory for the Ruiners, I think.  She provided seven mask designs for me to select from.  We went with a combination of two iterations, but I really enjoyed the wide range of choices.  Each design had a more frightening countenance—I didn’t want the little children to be scarred for life, so I selected the one that possesses a certain cuteness along with his strange modifications to his mask.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my novel and seeing this art preview of one of my favourite paintings by Melinda Maria Lack.


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