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I completed principal writing of “Dreaming Your Dream” this week!  I have some minor revisions and proofreading to do, but that won’t take long because I’ve been revising my work along the way.  Now that publication draws nearer, it’s the time that I can begin to share more about the novel and some art previews!

The first illustration I’m revealing is one of the scenes that highlights the science fiction aspect of the novel.  Dystopian fiction is generally a sub-genre of science fiction, but I wanted to show this scene for another reason, aside from revealing the science and technology aspects of the story.  This illustration is a view of Saturn’s moon, Titan, as seen within a dream.



John, the protagonist of the novel, has a dream where he can see the future colony on Titan, which is also a societal dream of the human population.  The people are descendants of the survivors of the war who live in the network of cities and work toward expansion into space.  Colonies on Mars are under construction, but Titan is the best place for humans in our solar system, after Earth.  John dreams of a veritable utopia where everyone can have emotional liberty and the ability to actually enjoy a spectacular view whenever they look out a window or enjoy a walk in the communal spaces of the colony.

This is the first art preview, but there will be more paintings revealed over the coming weeks while the final touches, page design and test prints are underway.  I hope you enjoyed this art preview and learning more about “Dreaming Your Dream.”  All illustrations are by Melinda Maria Lack.




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  1. Sounds fantastic Starwing. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading your work as soon as I can. All the best. Sober Man’s Secret

    1. Thank you very much! I can’t wait to share it and I hope you’ll enjoy it when you get a chance to read it. It won’t be too much longer now!!! 🙂

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