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I’ve been hard at work this year, writing “Technological Shaman” and taking part in multiple projects for The Fair Attempts. Writing was my primary focus throughout the year, and I have an excerpt from the novel to share with you. This book is a work-in-progress, so the following excerpt is subject to revisions.

As Alex and Ryan approached the boundary between the ruins and City 9, they separated to cross in different locations.  A paved area twice the width of a city street marked the perimeter.  Across the boundary, apartment towers rose like concrete giants standing on the heart of the old city.

Alex lingered in the shadow of a two-storey building with broken bricks and miscellaneous debris scattered at its base.  He watched the sky above the apartments, looking for signal drones that might detect his presence.

He imagined the invisible brain operating the city.  The buildings and autonomous vehicles were neurons, while signal drones were neurotransmitters delivering messages between them.  He observed the miniature drones zigzagging around the apartment towers.  Once he recognised their flight patterns, he dashed across the boundary.

I hoped that I would be closer to completing the first draft of “Technological Shaman”, but progress has been slowed by the challenges of Long Covid—the pandemic that keeps on giving. I believe I’m through the worst of it, and the novel is on track to be published next year.

Since January 2021, I didn’t add to this blog because the only released projects related to my writing and the “Machine Dreaming” series are music and visual art by The Fair Attempts.

We released five singles throughout the year, beginning with “Wide-open Little Heart”. I always perceived the song as John’s perspective and feelings following the ending of “Dreaming Your Dream”. Days before the “Signals” album released, I learned that my husband wrote the lyrics from Alex’s perspective! I still can’t see the song from that point of view, but it highlights the way The Fair Attempts music can be interpreted in many ways by the listener. That’s exactly why lyrics he’s inspired to write tend to inspire my writing in ways he didn’t anticipate.

There was a music video for the title track of the “Signals” album, which features Friendly Timo dressed as The Ruiner. It was a very special experience for me to see something from my imagination come to life in this way!

The “Signals” album and “Technological Shaman” are related, but in a more abstract way than “Dream Engine” and “Dreaming Your Dream”. This time, songs are based on the feelings and energies of the central characters as the events of “Technological Shaman” unfold. Additionally, Timo knows the arc of the entire “Machine Dreaming” series, so some songs on the new album have hints and foreshadowing for later books as well.

I look forward to sharing “Technological Shaman” with you next year, and will offer a free download of the first chapter on this website soon. Subscribe to my newsletter to be find out how you can get your sample chapter, learn about special offers and discounts in advance, and more.




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