Hello and welcome to my website where I present and share my compositions. I go by with a name Friendly Timo as my pseudonym. I chose that in a principle that my standard approach for any and all new comers, visitors and and yet unknown people is always friendly. I am a guy in my thirties who enjoys doing various compositions and as I started to have a good bunch of them, I started choosing and sharing the best of my productions for people to enjoy and perhaps, benefit from.

I like to do music from all types of genres and for all types of use, wether it would be cinematic, orchestral, rock, metal, electronic or pop. For me as a composer, I like to push my boundaries and enjoy different styles and what they have to offer. I do not believe there are any good or bad genres, only music that appeals or won’t appeal to the listener. Although I have done sound design for various film productions, worked on production of various albums as an audio engineer and producer, for now I do not do any separate projects or compilations, I rather do songs as stand alone creations.


This site features original music by Friendly Timo, including previews of some compositions that are works-in-progress, or just for fun.  You are able to download and use some tracks in non-commercial projects.

If you would like to use any of these tracks in a commercial production, you must have written permission from Friendly Timo.  Uncompressed versions of all tracks can be provided.  To request permission from Friendly Timo, use the form on the Contact page; all communications will continue through email.  Thank you.

All files on this website are scanned regularly to protect visitors from viruses, malware, and malicious code.

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