Monthly Highlights – September 2019

There were fewer tracks showcased in the Lounge this month, but it was a huge month for synthpop, new releases and News.  As a unique twist: every song we wish to highlight is the result of collaborations between extremely talented artists!  It’s truly impressive to see artists working together to create unique music.

Highlighted Tracks for September (in no particular order)

Unknown Land is a collaboration between Lucia Ponticas (in Chile) and Rob Bryant (in Australia).  The song Moonlight, from the Dark Seasons album, is a dark and soulful synthpop dance song.  The crooning vocals of Lucia Ponticas range from airy and hypnotic to powerful and bluesy, while the music pulls you in and makes you feel like dancing.  You can listen to Moonlight here.


The new hit single Never by Jigsaw Sequence features vocals by Kay Burden.  It has a distinct 80’s retro sound to it, while at the same time it is a truly modern dance song.  Both of these artists have been nominated for annual awards by the online radio station Radio WIGWAM.  This single was the subject of one of our News pages this month, so you can learn more about the song and artists here.  You can listen to Never here.

The Carnal Insect album by The Fair Attempts was released, and we showcased Black Widow (feat. Plike).  This EBM song is the second half of their collaboration project earlier this year, and it grabs hold of your attention right from the start!  Listeners and reviewers have remarked about the guitars and the solo.   You can listen to Black Widow (feat. Plike) here, and learn about the album here.

Other exciting highlights this month

Another News page we published this month was announcing the upcoming release of the newest EP by Alpha Chrome Yayo, After Dinner Cigar.  You can learn more about this synthwave release here.

This month we published the third article in our series for independent musicians, Promote Your Music to Press and Radio, to demystify the process of promoting your music yourself.  The article focused on online promotions, but the process of submitting your music to newspapers, magazines, and pay-for-play radio stations is similar to the methods shared.  You can read the article here.

Once again, we want to thank our readers and all the talented artists who shared their music with us this month.  We have exciting plans for the future and it is always a pleasure to showcase and promote great indie electronic music!

~Starwing Digital


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