Monthly Highlights – May, 2019

Because this was the Lounge’s first month online–and we were only able to begin adding content roughly 10 days ago–the major highlight this month is the Lounge itself!  You can learn more about the blog on the About page, but the first thing we want you to know is that we created this blog to highlight the best independent electronic music.

You probably already know there are too few music blogs for electronic music (not counting the EDM genre), and that’s a terrible shame.  This blog has been in a planning state for many months, as soon as the need for it was recognized.  If you’re an indie musician or band who makes electronic music, you’re invited to submit a song for consideration to post in the track list and the Spotify playlist.  We’re looking forward to hearing your music!

The last thing we wish to highlight about the Lounge before sharing the music related highlights, is that all the custom graphics used in the Lounge were created for us by the graphic design artist, ensomber.  This is the same artist we worked with for all the cover art needed for upcoming singles and the new album by The Fair Attempts.  The cover art is so spectacular to us that we knew we needed great graphics too.  At the time, our site entrance was incredibly low key–just as we were–but the work ensomber did for us (including the gorgeous Starwing Digital logo) truly inspired us to branch out more and work to promote independent artists.  ensomber is also an independent musician in a different genre, but we encourage you to visit the site and check it out!  You can find and follow ensomber on Twitter at and DM to discuss what your design needs are, and inquire about the rates for your project.

That said, we wish to draw you attention to the highlighted content for the month of May, 2019.


The first review we published was for the newest release by Terrordyne, called Wrong Turn.  It was a true pleasure to listen through the album first with a critical ear, and then again for the fun of it.  The music made me come back for more!  You need to check it out, so we encourage you to read the review and listen to the whole album yourself.

You can also listen to one of the tracks selected for our Spotify playlist and the tracks collection in the Lounge.  Listen to our favourite track from the album here.

We truly enjoyed listening to Emelie Songs and were happy to showcase (what should be a hit single) her track, My Desire, from the album Closer to You.  This song was added to our playlist and our tracks collection.  You can listen to the song here.

Last but not least, we began our track collection in the Lounge with Catwalk by The Fair Attempts, from the debut EP arisTotal.   This track has been well received by many and has been called the favourite song on the EP by many different listeners.  You can listen to the song here.

Thank you all for making our first couple of weeks incredible.  The high quality content submitted to us is just the beginning!  As more indie artists in the electronic genres submit their tracks and news, this site will achieve greater reach and draw even more readers and artists alike.

~Stawing Digital


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