Monthly Highlights – June 2019

June was an exciting month, with plenty of incredible new releases and popular tracks.  Highlighting just a few was quite a challenge, and every track added this month is recommended!  We also had the pleasure to review several great albums and EPs, and had a wonderful interview.


Highlighted Tracks for June (in no particular order)


Jessi Frey’s newest single The Blue Pill from her upcoming album, Villainess, was released June 7, along with a very cool music video.  Both the song and the video are inspired by The Matrix; the song is written as a love song from Agent Smith.  I would personally take the blue pill and stay in the Matrix where the music is always so hot and fresh.  You can listen to the song here.  You can also enjoy the music video on YouTube.

The new single from The Fair Attempts, Carnal Insect, was released on June 26, and also has an awesome music video.  The song is about someone who lives and breathes to satisfy their carnal pleasure, with no regard for others or their own reputation.  This is the first single from the upcoming album, also called Carnal Insect.  Being personally involved in this release, it was a very exciting part of June for us!  You can listen to the song here.  You can also enjoy the music video on YouTube.

We had the pleasure to share the title track, Lost Future, of Leifendeth’s Lost Future EP.  This is one of the best darksynth tracks we’ve heard in a long time!  It’s heavy and dark, but also would be incredible for the dance floors.  We also reviewed the new EP.  You can listen to the track here, and read the review here.


Other exciting highlights this month


Another review published this month was for the debut album, Closer to You LP, by the Swedish artist, Emelie Songs.  We always strive to provide constructive criticism for artists we review, and this is another example where there was only one thing to point out!  Check out the review here.  We also featured another song of hers in our tracks collection and playlist.  You can listen to the song here.

The interview we published was between Starwing and Alpha Chrome Yayo, who recently released his new EP, Take My Advice.  We hope you’ll find the interview both fun and enlightening.  You can read the entire interview here.

Thank you all for your support of our music blog as it continues to grow.  All of these high quality tracks artists have shared this month have been so enjoyable to us, and we hope you all enjoy them as well!

~Starwing Digital


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