Monthly Highlights – July 2019

July was a slow month, with the exception of some amazing music we showcased here during the month!  Along with these amazing tracks, we had the opportunity to review a brand new EP right after its release.  We also published our second article for musicians, about the importance of your brand and ways to Build, Develop and Protect Your Brand.  The article was very well received, so we hope you will also enjoy it.

Highlighted Tracks for June (in no particular order)

The newest single by Sapphira Vee, Start Over, is a catchy and fun song.  The single is from her latest album titled Infunkstrial, which is a perfect way to describe this track, actually.  It has a funky groove, as well as an industrial edge to it.  It’s wonderful to find indie artists with their own well-defined sound that doesn’t remind me of someone else who forged that path already.  You can listen to the song here.


Last but not least is hum by melodywhore, the first song from the album darklight.  This track has a sweet dance beat that I wrote a little more about in the review I did for the darklight EP.  The song has reportedly been remixed by some of the artists I’ve become familiar with since the Lounge came online–so I’m very excited to hear them when they’re released!  You can listen to the song here, and read the review here.

Thank you to all of these amazingly talented artists who shared their music with us this month, and to all our readers–you’re helping to grow this site so it’ll become the best site for indie electronic music.  That’s our goal, and with your help we’ll get there in no time!  If you know a fellow music fan who loves discovering awesome indie music, or a talented artist who hasn’t been featured here, please tell them about this site.  Thanks again!

~Starwing Digital


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