Monthly Highlights – August 2019

There was a torrent of new releases in August—across multiple electronic genres—for us to showcase.  We also had the pleasure to announce two of the outstanding releases in our News section, and reviewed two albums as well.  If you haven’t read these articles yet, we encourage you to check them out.

Highlighted Tracks for August (in no particular order)

Jessi Frey’s new single, All Monsters Are Human, was released along with a music video one week in advance of her highly anticipated Villainess album release.  The single was an instant hit in the synthpop scene, receiving rave reviews and quickly becoming her most popular track on Spotify.  The Villainess album also made waves, and the CD version rose to be the third top seller on Record Shop X!   You can listen to All Monsters are Human here.

The newest single by The Fair Attempts, Little Light, is a catchy EDM song with a special quality that it can reflect the mood you’re in when you listen to it.  This is the second single from the upcoming Carnal Insect album that’s due to release later this month.  The music video for Little Light was very well received also, and the single converted many new listeners into fans of The Fair Attempts.  You can listen to Little Light here.

Another sensation this month was the new album, De Anima, by Plike.  We showcased the dark and haunting downtempo song, Strange Melancholy, and also published a review of the De Anima album.  We weren’t the only ones raving about this new album either—across social media and multiple music blogs, listeners posted praise and recommendations.  You can listen to Strange Melancholy here, and read our review of De Anima here.

Other exciting highlights this month

Another review we published this month was for the Buena Vista LP, by Miles Matrix.  The album is mostly instrumental, exploring synthwave, darksynth, retrowave and outrun genres, but there are also a couple of songs with synthpop style vocals.  We cover a lot of synthwave here, and it’s clear to us that Miles Matrix has his own unique sound that can stand out in a heavily saturated genre.  You can read the review here.  We showcased a track from the album at the end of July, and you can listen to Night Striker here.

We want to share our heartfelt gratitude to our readers, who visit to discover new indie electronic music, and to all of the talented artists who shared their music with us this month!  The experience of hosting this music blog has been rewarding and exciting, and we’re looking forward to more incredible music to showcase throughout September.

~Starwing Digital



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