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We’ve been hard at work preparing this site for its launch.  While adding features and improving navigation, we also invited some indie artists we enjoy and have had positive interactions with.  Some content was added before the website officially launched–to show you how content is displayed.

You will notice social media share buttons on Posts and Pages enable readers to quickly share any post by email, on Twitter, or on Facebook.  Shares on social media can include a featured image, making the Tracks, News and Reviews stand out better in Tweets as well.  This is the reason your cover art or promotional images should be at least 400 x 400 pixels, though larger is better because resizing down to our preferred 600 x 600 dimensions will not impact image quality.

On the front page of this site, you’ll see all the latest posts.  Posts are for Tracks and Site News & Updates.  All Tracks are tagged with the genre or sub-genres of the track to improve navigation menus, and provide an additional way for visitors to discover more music they might enjoy.  Posts are displayed in the order of Most Recent to Oldest, and are added to the Archives.  Posts can be “Featured” and pinned to the top of the post list on the front page.  Our Site News & Updates will be pinned to the top if it’s a monthly highlights article or something very important.  There will be a maximum of 2 Featured posts, and 1 can be a Track submitted by a Partner for a maximum of 2 weeks (contact us for more information about marketing and promotional options for Partners.)

All News or Reviews are posted on a Page.  You can visit the About and Contact pages to see the differences between the two displays.  Mainly the Pages do not display navigation links to next/previous article, and a date or author by default (the author and date of the review will be included in the main article though).  Pages can be promoted in additional ways on this site.  Up to 4 pages can be highlighted as “Featured Articles,” with a featured image at the bottom of the the site.  Additionally, up to 4 Pages can be highlighted in a “News Ticker” displayed below the site banner and main navigation menu–these do not need to be the same Pages as the “Featured Articles.”

All “Featured Articles” are selected by us, and “News Ticker” highlights are either selected by us or promoted by a Partner.


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